Strive Academics matches students with our expert tutors to provide quality instruction in-person and online for a variety of subjects. Since 2016, we have provided over 4000 hours of instruction in the core subjects and test prep.

Strive Academics - Private Tutoring, In-Home Tutoring, and Online Tutoring for Academic Subjects and Test Prep

In-Person Tutoring

Looking for an in-person tutor? We match you with one of our tutoring experts who will come to your location (or a mutually agreed upon location) for individualized, one-on-one tutoring. Experience the convenience of working with a tutor without having to travel to a tutoring center.

Girl online tutoring

Online Tutoring

Don't need in-person instruction or out of our in-person radius? Tutoring online is a great option! You still get to work with an amazing tutor from the comfort of your home. You'll get access to a greater pool of experts outside your area.


Online Group Tutoring

Need to prepare for the SAT but don't need one-on-one instruction? Join one of our scheduled online group classes to prep for the SAT. Students will learn the essentials they need to boost their score over 15 hours of instruction. Classes are limited to 15 students each.