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Whether your student is struggling in school or preparing to take a test like the SAT or ACT, we can create a customized plan to fit their needs and help them achieve their goals.

Strive Academics - Private Tutoring, In-Home Tutoring, and Online Tutoring for Academic Subjects and Test Prep

The Right Fit

We make sure our tutors are highly qualified and pass a background check. We will match you with a tutor that fits your individual needs and learning style. Your tutor is there to help your student reach their full potential - and we stand by that with our money-back guarantee.

Strive Academics - Private Tutoring, In-Home Tutoring, and Online Tutoring for Academic Subjects and Test Prep

Experienced Tutors

Work with experienced tutors at your convenience. Our tutors are flexible and able to work around your schedule. Whether you prefer to meet at your home, your local library, a coffee shop, or online, our tutors are there to help.

Strive Academics - Private Tutoring, In-Home Tutoring, and Online Tutoring for Academic Subjects and Test Prep

Increase Confidence and Scores

Our tutors can help you get ahead in any subject. They reinforce basic concepts in addition to current coursework to ensure that you are prepared for future assignments and build confidence.

Studying can be frustrating and lead to a lot of stress for students and parents alike. We can help take the stress out of learning and achieve the academic goals you want.

Take The Stress Out of Your Child's Grades

Education is a gift. Our gift to you is to give you the resources and support you need to put your family at ease. We help students understand more and build confidence.

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Practice essential skills

Learn tips, skills, and strategies!

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Strive Academics - Private Tutoring, In-Home Tutoring, and Online Tutoring for Academic Subjects and Test Prep



What People Say

"My son has worked with our tutor on a wide range of subjects including, but not limited to, algebra, reading comprehension, and standardized test prep. His knowledge, skills, and abilities far exceed those of other tutors in the Atlanta area, surpassing expectations – even in a prestigious private school. Our tutor strives to facilitate critical thinking while implementing creative study strategies and teaching tools to help maximize your child's individual learning style(s)."

"After my son's first session, he stated he finally understood fractions and percentages much better. We're extremely pleased and look forward to many more tutoring sessions."

"My tutor was very helpful as I prepared for the math section of the GRE. I had previously taken the exam and scored low in the Quantitative section. I was looking to feel more comfortable and confident with the concepts covered in this section of the exam and my test-taking strategies to obtain a higher score...My tutor was easy to communicate with and adapted to my learning process very well. Every session was productive and I always left with a readiness to tackle another "mission" before our next meeting. In between sessions, the tutor was quick to provide great resources I could use for self-study. My tutor's supportive, yet challenging tutoring style left me feeling far more confident and prepared to re-take the exam."

"Our tutor was able to keep my son engaged in his studying. The tutor also helped him understand the importance of studying and being organized. He was always on time and very flexible in his schedule. If the tutor was going to be late or need to change time, he would call ahead of time and arrange it based on my convenience. Our tutor was always respectful and considerate toward me and my son."

"Our tutor is very intelligent and bright. He answered every single question I had pertaining to the best course of action for tutoring my son. He was prompt and very professional."

"My son looks forward to his sessions because our tutor is both patient and very skilled at helping him overcome any challenges he has understanding math. My son is enrolled in an advanced math class which is one grade level above his current grade. Thanks to the tutor, my son is excelling in the class. We are fortunate to have found such an exceptional tutor!"

"Our tutor did a great job working with our children and explaining not only how to solve problems, but strategies to identify the best approach to working on each problem."

"Our tutor's dedication to his students is unprecedented, as he continually assesses their needs and tailors educational interventions. He goes above and beyond to ensure outstanding results for his students so that they may achieve success not just in school but beyond."

"My tutor was excellent working with my son. He was very patient and will explain things multiple times if that is needed. My sons grade went up and we are very thankful to him."

"My tutor assisted me in studying for the GRE back in Winter of 2016. Because of him, I gained the confidence I needed to get the score I wanted. I was accepted to Georgia Tech a couple of months later. If you put in the time, do the homework, and be patient, then they can absolutely help you with the GRE!"

"They helped my son go from a mid-range C in Latin to an A. Our tutor was a pleasure to work with and the results speak for themselves. I also found their rates to be very reasonable. I highly recommend them!"

Strive Academics - Private Tutoring, In-Home Tutoring, and Online Tutoring for Academic Subjects and Test Prep

We take pride in our tutors and in providing an extraordinary experience. We guarantee* that you will be satisfied with the tutor of your choice.


*Read more about our guarantee here.

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