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"The vast expanse of expertise among the educators on the Strive team is mind boggling. I expected to find excellent math, science and english tutors. But I didn’t realize the extend of savvy in college entrance test prep and foreign language command beyond spanish and french. My son felt encouraged and respected and really gained so much." - Carolyn P.

"Because of Strive Academics, my daughter is more confident in her ability to do math which she hasn't had in years. Before Strive Academics, she failed math classes in school, but is now on the A/B Honor Roll!!! I couldn't be more proud of her!! Hiring Strive Academics was the best decision I made and I highly recommend their service." - D'Angela G.

"When my son didn’t finish all the questions the first time he took the SAT, I knew we needed help. After I met Ralston, I chose Strive Academics for tutoring. I entered some information on the Strive website, a tutor contacted me and we set up a time. She came to our home and worked with my son for an hour, giving him strategies for pacing and testing. She also gave him test practice assignments that he could squeeze in daily to his busy schedule. My son felt more confident and comfortable with the math questions and had a better sense of timing the questions. The upshot is he finished the exam this time. Still waiting on scores, but I’m confident they’ll be improved! Strive Academics is reasonably priced, convenient to arrange and the tutor was excellent. I highly recommend Strive Academics!" - Margaret E.

"They helped my son go from a mid-range C in Latin to an A. Our tutor was a pleasure to work with and the results speak for themselves. I also found their rates to be very reasonable. I highly recommend them!" - Rebecca F.

"Great communication. Assessed my child's needs and works towards the overall goal we set." - Unique A.