Learn what parents and students have to say about us.

Improve Grades

"My tutor has been such an incredible help to our daughter. She was really struggling in Geometry and he helped her bring her grade up to a B. We were so pleased with his instruction that we have continued to have him tutor her in all areas of math where she struggles. He is very patient and helpful even outside of our allotted time. I would highly recommend Strive Academics."

- Jackie

"My tutor has been a great resource for ensuring that my child continues to perform above grade level in math."

- Latoya

"They helped my son go from a mid-range C in Latin to an A. Our tutor was a pleasure to work with and the results speak for themselves. I also found their rates to be very reasonable. I highly recommend them!"

- Rebecca

Understand More

"My tutor was excellent working with my son. He was very patient and will explain things multiple times if that is needed. My son's grade went up and we are very thankful. I highly recommend Strive Academics!"

- Justina

"After my son's first session, he stated he finally understood fractions and percentages much better. We're extremely pleased and look forward to many more tutoring sessions."


"My son has worked with our tutor on a wide range of subjects including, but not limited to, algebra, reading comprehension, and standardized test prep. His knowledge, skills, and abilities far exceed those of other tutors in the Atlanta area, surpassing expectations - even in a prestigious private school. Our tutor strives to facilitate critical thinking while implementing creative study strategies and teaching tools to help maximize your child's individual learning style(s)."

- Rachael

"Our tutor's dedication to his students is unprecedented, as he continually assesses their needs and tailors educational interventions. He goes above and beyond to ensure outstanding results for his students so that they may achieve success not just in school but beyond."

- Mary

"Our tutor did a great job working with our children and explaining not only how to solve problems, but strategies to identify the best approach to working on each problem."

- Patricia

"Our tutor is very intelligent and bright. He answered every single question I had pertaining to the best course of action for tutoring my son. He was prompt and very professional."

- Abigail

"I began studying Latin when I went to college. By sophomore year I was quickly falling behind. I failed my midterm and I needed help. I reached out to a tutor. Working with me regularly, my tutor helped identify and fix my issues. Working from a steady foundation I saved my semester, and went on to take another year and a half of Latin classes, with no problems!"

- Max

Get Organized

"Our tutor was able to keep my son engaged in his studying. The tutor also helped him understand the importance of studying and being organized. He was always on time and very flexible in his schedule. If the tutor was going to be late or needed to change time, he would call ahead of time and arrange it based on my convenience. Our tutor was always respectful and considerate toward me and my son."

- Eva

Build Confidence

"My tutor assisted me in studying for the GRE back in Winter of 2016. Because of him, I gained the confidence I needed to get the score I wanted. I was accepted to Georgia Tech a couple of months later. If you put in the time, do the homework, and be patient, then they can absolutely help you with the GRE!"

- Seth

"I tried to study and practice on my own for the GRE, but after I got my terrible scores back I knew I needed tutoring. My tutor was always punctual (often earlier than I was!) and thoughtfully prepared for our sessions based on my needs. I did poorly in the GRE quant section, so we worked on improving my confidence and speed (a lot of focus on strategy) doing GRE math problems. After re-taking the test, I scored 9 points higher! Obviously, I had to work hard to get these results, but a huge chunk of my success is because of my tutor."

- Kelsi